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Blinded By Your Own Way

Sermon Scripture Acts 13:1-12 Blinded By Your Own Way highlights once again how the Gospel is spreading all over the known world. With many the Gentiles accepting the message, Acts 13:12 captures once again how those who their own way are blind to the truth. Acts 13:1-12 shows how a Jewish sorcerer is no match for […]

The Spirit’s Servants

Sermon Scripture Acts 9:32-43 Peter with Aeneas and Dorcas The Spirit’s Servants highlights the scripture in Acts 9:32­43 where the Holy Spirit continues to move powerfully in the conversion of the Gentile world. In both situations, both with Aeneas and Dorcas, common evidence is shown as to what happens when one follows the Spirit. Acts […]

All or Nothing

Sermon Scripture Acts 4:23-37 Josh Lund speaks at the Campus Ministry led service at Virginia Tech.  He continued our study through the book of Acts preaching about the early church’s response to the sovereignty of God.  What did their lives reflect as they acknowledged His sovereignty?  What do our lives reflect?  Listen to this text […]