Sermons from December 2015

The Spirit’s Servants

Sermon Scripture Acts 9:32-43 Peter with Aeneas and Dorcas The Spirit’s Servants highlights the scripture in Acts 9:32­43 where the Holy Spirit continues to move powerfully in the conversion of the Gentile world. In both situations, both with Aeneas and Dorcas, common evidence is shown as to what happens when one follows the Spirit. Acts […]

An Immediate Response

Sermon Scripture Acts 9:19-31 Saul in Damascus and Jerusalem An Immediate Response highlights the scripture in Acts 9:19-31 where we see the radical change that God brought about in Saul’s life.  His response to Jesus’ intervention led to an immediate response. Acts 9:19-31 highlights the power of an Immediate Response.  Bill Bridge preaches on the […]