An Immediate Response

Sermon Scripture

Acts 9:19-31 Saul in Damascus and Jerusalem

An Immediate Response highlights the scripture in Acts 9:19-31 where we see the radical change that God brought about in Saul’s life.  His response to Jesus’ intervention led to an immediate response.

Acts 9:19-31 highlights the power of an Immediate Response. 

Bill Bridge preaches on the world-altering changes that occur when Paul embraces God’s call.

  • Paul responded immediately. How? He immediately sets off to preach and teach.
  • God used his immediate response to change the world.
  • Consider what we use as excuses to keep us from responding to God
  • Consider what could happen when we do respond to God

Sermon Points:

  1. Have An Immediate Response
  2. It’s All About Your View


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