In The Beginning: Building Family Begins With The Gospel – 1 Thes 1:2-10

“Gospel”  is a word we hear frequently, but what is the Gospel?  What is its purpose and why should we care?  In this letter to the Thessalonican church, Paul makes clear from the beginning, that a faithful church family begins with the Gospel.  The power of the Spirit working through the gospel, convicts us to turn to God, wait on Him, and model righteousness for others.

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  1. This sermon reminds me just how powerful the gospel really is, its not just words telling a story of Gods great love for us, but it is the power of the Holy Spirt that works in and thru our lives to bring about great change. Not just change in our personal lives, but in the lives of those we share it with. This great power was demonstrated through the church in Thessalonica and it is my sincer hope that it will be demonstrated thru our church as we faithfully trust in God and allow his Holy spirt to work powerfully through us.

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