Break the Chain – 2 Samuel 13

Our sin can have an impact far beyond just ourselves.  It can spread like an out-of-control fire if not taken seriously.  The grim account of Amnon and Tamar is disturbing for us all.  Through this sermon we realize that we are all capable of such terrible acts, and no one is above creating a chain of sin in their life, like King David.  None of us have to remain stuck in the chain.  With God’s help we all can “break the chain”.

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  1. This immensely impactful and sobering lesson reminds me of the destructive capability that lies within each of our hearts. Unchecked and unchallenged sin can burn you and others with out regard. However, as great and imposing as the grasp of sin may be, greater still is the hope, freedom and relief found in and from the words and life of Jesus Christ. Only through imitating His perfect life, am I able to find and keep true power and freedom as a possibility.

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