Breaking Bad – Luke 2:1-7 (House Church Sermon Notes)

Christmas Eve the RVC met in house churches across Roanoke.  We did not record the audio for the lesson, but here is the link to the PDF of the sermon notes [Click the “Save PDF” button above].  It was an incredible message of how Jesus coming to earth broke into the darkness of this world and provides us with hope.

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  1. As many times as I have heard and read this account of Jesus’s birth, this sermon awakened me to the fact of just how brutal his birth would have been in a cold, dark, and dirty manger. A far cry from the scene we see portrayed on our lawns at Christmas time. This was a great reminder that Jesus had to come into this world weak, humble, and later be rejected, so that he could take on what we deserve. There is no other God like him!

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