The Prodigal Prince – 2 Samuel 14

Absalom fled from his father, King David, after murdering his brother, Amnon.   Now after years of being apart “the prodigal prince” returns home.  All seems well on the surface, but undealt with insecurity quickly grows into sin, as Absalom sets himself up as king.  God, like King David, desires us to come back into his presence.  He promises great things for us, but in our pride we can attempt to forge our own paths to see His promises fulfilled. If we are to truly return to God though, we must trust in his promises and have faith.  God wants us to return to him fully, in body and spirit.

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  1. This lesson gives hope and perspective to my heart. I have been given so much by God and still my heart, like Absalom’s, can too easily be distant, not content or at peace or want to be fully and truly reconciled. In spite of that it’s amazing and inspiring to see that God wants us to be reconciled and connected to Him. However this does not happen overnight and takes work on our end to humbly see ourselves before God. A helpful point is that we don’t have to live our spiritual lives based on feelings and theory. God knows we need to be secure and certain about who we are to Him, and has given promises and dates to prove it!

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