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  1. Three Encounters w/ God
    – Many worries of the world can choke out God
    – God is there if we can see it.
    #1) Isaiah 6
    – Not the first time Isaiah went to temple, expecting to experience God
    – This time is a little different, he actually saw God.
    – Do we expect to really see God?
    – Pray today is the day your really see God.
    #1+) Martha and Mary
    – Martha is doing stuff for Jesus
    – Mary is being with Jesus
    – Setting up for Jesus in His name…
    – Choose what is best, don’t build your resume’ to Jesus.
    – We get worried when we worship too long… we want to do stuff.
    – We like doing for Jesus more than sitting and connecting
    – Jesus did not go through the cross so we can have more meetings and plans and be busy.
    – Jesus didn’t die so we can be busy.
    – Jesus died so we can know Him and not die the moment He approaches and not be consumed.
    – Jesus died so we can connect to Him and not be destroyed.
    – We can have confidence to approach God and not be torched by it.
    – We appreciate doing things more than we enjoy connecting.
    – We need to experience God, we worry about “Getting stuff done” and “holy rollers”
    – When we feel not connected we do things.

    2) Joshua 5 – Joshua and the General
    – Joshua is standing on the land where the 12 spies were standing 40 years earlier.
    – They were looking at Jericho
    – Joshua was wondering if he would have the courage and be a coward like the families prior.
    Rev 21, cowards…
    – Be courageous about being courageous
    – Joshua is 80 and Caleb is 85
    – Joshua went up to this man and challenged him and stared at him face to face.
    – Joshua bucked-up to this man
    – Commander of the army of the Lord, and Joshua went face to face to the man to face to face down to the ground.
    – He sees the God Head.
    Rev 22:8-9 Apostle Johns interaction – angels are fellow servants and are created also and don’t worship an angel or you will be worshipping in vain.
    – Joshua does not see an angel or this “man” would tell him not to worship Him and tells Joshua to take off your sandals because you are on holy ground.
    – Thanks for worshipping me, now take off your sandals.
    – You can’t stand toe to toe with God, so hit the dirt.
    – When we find out who we are in front of, our agenda changes and here I am send me.
    Heb 1:3 – holds universe with His word.
    Would you ever ask God to assist you with your agenda?
    Are we eager to find out what Jesus wants from me?
    How should I be thinking about this?
    What can I do for you?
    I am your servant, command and move me how you want.
    Have the courage to expect to see God and state “here am I send me”.

    AMEN – So be it [for me]

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