1. Wow an incredible message…I have read this passage many times before, but never has it been made so applicable to my life. I think Saul is a perfect portrait of most modern day Americans.

  2. – Saul is at the point of no turning back.
    – God is fulfilling what He said would happen.
    – Our danger is to ride the line… there is a point of no return.
    – Saul is a fearful person and responded by going inside himself.
    – Fear is not the problem, courage is born out of fear, but unknowns of life can drive us to rely on ourselves and what we can/do have.
    – When Saul gets afraid he runs to what is easiest and what is comfortable.
    – Saul is doing everything he can… but God is not answering. Saul is trying to get out of the situation, but God is not answering because Saul killed all the priests and the jig is up.
    – We get irritated when we go deep down the path of unrighteousness and we beg, but God does not answer.
    – God takes it seriously when we willingly disobey. Psalm 66:18, when we cherish our disobedience and the secret moments. When we have sin in our lives and we like it and we want it to be there.
    – Why prayers are not answered: James 4:2 [double minded], v.3-4 better defines our desire and foot in the world. Asking to have God and our lives… God doesn’t settle for partial. God closes doors when we willingly hold onto what we are not to have.
    1 Peter 3:7 – Consider your wives as the weaker partner… so it doesn’t hinder you prayers. Acting unloving toward our relationships. Loving God, but not these people, wife, church… and so forth.
    – We fear how we will retire… will I have enough saved? Comparison… will I have enough to get buy. We will never have enough, but we have God.
    – Saul kept comparing to David… and fearing.
    – When Saul is terrified he goes back to his comfort… himself.
    – Our to-do list smacks us in the face every morning. Once I do this… once I finish this … then I will come back to you God. When I get this done it will free me up to do more. Every day we wake up this way, with panic to complete.
    – Saul did the to-do list (boot strapped)… God finally gave Him that. God let Saul have what Saul wanted… and gave him over to himself and removed God from him.
    – This is a warning to us not get what we want… not to have it our way… to have it God’s way. To hurry-up and pray, to work extra hard at our relationship with God; not hurry-up and knock-off our checklist or work extra hard at getting ahead.
    – We have have to see disobedience the way God does… making things happen for ourselves as divination… as witchcraft. We go to someone who has rejected God (the world) or at min is NOT God (the world). Us knocking things out for ourselves is reliance on ourselves.
    – We have so many urgent things in our lives… we need to know where our reliance on ourselves leaves us.

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